10 Countries to Visit during Diwali Where You Won’t Miss the Celebrations

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Diwali in India

Many of us want to stay back in India for Diwali despite being a vacation time for kids at school. The main reason being, the kids, enjoy Diwali the most, and they wouldn’t like to forego it for an international vacation. They prefer to spend their firecrackers time with friends and family rather than sightseeing. However, the good news is that there are ten other countries that not only celebrate Diwali but also have a federal holiday for the occasion. So, the adults and kids can have the best of both worlds- kids can have fun bursting the crackers, and the adults can turn into tourists. Parents, now it’s your turn to work out a plan! Get the best airfare deals and visit any of the ten countries below.

Ten Countries where they have a federal holiday for Diwali

Indians celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm. Thanks to the vast Indian population in the countries like USA, UK, Canada and South Africa, where they celebrate Diwali with equal fervor. However, listed below are the ten countries where they don’t just celebrate Diwali, but also have a holiday across the nation.



The country located in the South West Pacific Ocean celebrates Diwali with the same enthusiasm as in India. Due to a vast majority of Hindu population in the country, the festival of Diwali is observed as a national holiday. Just like in India, the Hindus celebrate the festival by exchanging greetings, sweets, and gifts. They decorate their houses with candles, burst crackers and spend time with friends and relatives. The festival has such importance in the country that several schools organize singing, quizzes, rangoli competitions, essay writing competitions as well to instigate the culture of Diwali among kids.

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The sovereign Republic of Guyana, located on the Northern coast of South America has a massive percentage of the Indian population. Diwali celebrations in Guyana are more or less similar to the Indian parties. The Indians in Guyana perform Lakshmi Ganesh Puja on the day, followed by bursting crackers. The importance of Diwali is all the more heightened, due to the public holiday in the country. Diwali in Guyana is a special celebration. They hold a motorcade in the Campbellsville Temple in Guyana, where a procession with the large wagon carrying numerous Hindu Gods takes place. The wagon decorated with thousands of lights is a feast for the eyes of the onlookers.

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The Asian country of Malaysia celebrates Diwali ardently. The enormous Hindu population in the country is their reason behind declaring a public holiday. The Hindus in Malaysia take an oil bath in the morning as a part of cleansing their body and soul. The rest of the celebrations, however, are similar to the Indian Diaspora across the world. Visiting highly-decked temples, exchanging sweetmeats, meals, bursting crackers are all involved in their Diwali celebrations.

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Diwali in this Asian country of Mauritius is a holiday. Malaysians celebrate Diwali over five days, where the Hindus begin the festivities with Dhanteras by purchasing gold ornaments, utensils. These are believed to bring them good luck. An exciting part of Malaysian Diwali is that the Hindus in Malaysia gamble during Diwali. It is a popular belief amongst them that Lord Shiva had played the dice game with his wife Parvati and declared that whoever gambles on that night will enjoy good fortune.

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Burma or Myanmar is also a Southeast Asian Country. Due to 89% Buddhist population in Burma, Diwali is a public holiday in the country. Like in India, Diwali is all about lighting clay lamps, eating sweets, an occasion to get together, bursting crackers, and exchanging gifts.

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Another South Asian country that celebrates Diwali is – Nepal. Diwali also referred to as Tihar, Yamapanchak or Swanti is the second biggest festival in Nepal after Dashain. Once again, Tihar is a five-day festival in Nepal with the third day being the most important day. Women perform Lakshmi puja, apart from worshipping cows on this day.

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Singapore Diwali

Diwali celebrations in Singapore are hard to miss. The whole Southeast Asian nation comes alive during Diwali holiday just like India. The markets, temples, and homes are decorated with vibrant colours and with Rangoli patterns in the corridors.

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Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka Diwali

The island country of Sri Lanka celebrates Diwali with much zeal and enthusiasm. Sri Lanka, with a majority of Buddhists and Hindus, carryout Diwali celebrations much like in India. It is a five-day celebration process, with the last day marked as Diwali, is a nation-wide holiday. Diwali, just like any other Indian festival is to emphasize the win of good over evil. Indulging in the local cuisine, lighting clay lamps, and setting off firecrackers form the large part of the celebrations.

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Suriname Diwali

Suriname, situated on the northeast  Atlantic coast of South America, celebrates Diwali in high spirits. Celebrating Diwali in the neighboring countries of India is not unusual. But, to experience, the Diwali celebrations across continents is worth watching. Like in Guyana,  Diwali is a big festival in Suriname and is a public holiday. The sizeable Hindu population is once again the reason behind celebrating Diwali in the South American country.

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Trinidad and Tobago:

Diwali in Trinidad

This Caribbean island nation has as much as 43% of ethnic Indians, due to which Diwali is a public holiday in the twin islands. Diwali is so important here that the festival has an official imprint. Here, the government also participates in the celebrations.  One may witness the villages of Trinidad filled with people dressed in full costumes eliciting the story behind the Diwali celebrations. You will also observe the usual practice of lighting mud lamps, exchanging sweets and delicacies and dressing up for the occasion during the festivities.

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Shopping should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. Beginning of a new month brings happiness as well as a truckload of responsibilities. The salary credited at the beginning of the month brings immense pleasure, but what about the tasks that immediately follow. We are referring to the jobs like filling the groceries for the entire month, electricity bill payments, paying the house rent sort of things. When you can pay the electricity bills, telephone bills, house rent or so on, right at home; then why not shopping for the groceries?

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Splurge on Online Clothes Shopping Spree, Add Spice Back In Life

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Diwali time

Dussehra is done with. Now, it’s the Diwali time folks! So, pull up your socks and get ready for the hottest and the happening deals this season. Whenever there is an upcoming festival, two things take precedence over anything else – shopping and food (in that order). While we keep the discussion on food for another blog, let’s see why people love shopping so much.

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Why do people shop online?

online shopping

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Diwali is just an occasion you need to buy clothing online. We say, buy clothes when your mood strikes and the deals hit.

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Six Unique Dussehra Customs in India

A quick overview of unique Indian traditions and best online shopping sites recommendations.

Happy Dussehra

The country is abuzz with excitement.  And there is a festive mood in the air. The Navratra has already begun, and the D-day is just around the corner. On the downside, we would like to point out that the culture of celebrating the traditional festivals is slowly dying.  There was a time when the atmosphere used to be charged up with the merriment. Today that enthusiasm is missing. This blog is an attempt to revive the zeal by recounting the unique traditions followed in different parts of the country.

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Unity in Diversity; what could have been a better example?

India has always been synonymous with an assortment of cultures. But, can they be this apart? Read on to find out how various parts of the nation celebrate Dussehra.

West Bengal, Orissa – Durga Puja

Durga Puja Kolkata

Nothing can beat the electrifying atmosphere in Kolkata during the Dussehra time. The huge idols of Goddess Durga in the pandals, the decorations surrounding them, the conventionally decked up women in red and white sarees are a feast for the eyes. Bengalis are appreciated for their love of art, music, literature and most importantly their passion for food, which hugely reflects during the celebrations.

Key points to remember about the Durga Puja in West Bengal:

  • Dhaak and Dhunachi dance is a must-watch during the festival time. Many perform Dhunachi dance to the Dhaak (drum) beats during this occasion. Dhunachi is a mud vessel in which contains the fire. This lighted clay cup is balanced in the mouth, hand and even on the forehead.
  • Bengali food is simply to die for. It is famous for gol Gappa, sweets, and egg rolls.
  • The immersion of the Goddess Durga idol in the river of Ganga on Vijayadashami is most fervently celebrated in Kolkata.
  • Bengali sarees are hugely popular across the country. The state is famous for red and white sarees, Bengal cotton Taant sarees, Tussar silks, Baluchari silk sarees,

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Kullu, Himachal Pradesh-Rath Yatra

Dussehra Rath Yatra, Kullu

The otherwise silent valley of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh becomes the center of attraction during Dussehra. People carry the idol of Lord Raghunath around in a chariot in a large procession. The beautiful Kullu valley comes alive during Dussehra amongst decorations, traditions, and the Rath Yatra. Unlike the other parts of the country who burn the effigies of Ravana, the people in Kullu worship Goddess Hidimbi (wife of Bhima) and Lord Raghunath (Rama) during Dussehra. Finally, they immerse the idols carried throughout the valley in the river of Beas on Vijayadashami. The take away features from the Dussehra celebrations in Kullu are-

  • The procession of Goddess Hidimbi from Manali to Kullu on the first day.
  • The Rath Yatra of Lord Raghunath.
  • The immersion of the idols in the Beas River on the last day of celebrations.
  • Fun, music, folk dances during the processions.

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Gujarat-Garba and Raas

Garba Dance

Gujarat is famous for its folk dances – Garba and Dandiya Raas. They perform these folk dances with a boundless enthusiasm in the traditional western state of India. The people in Gujarat observe a 9-day fast during the Navratri closing the day by offering prayers. They dress up in vibrantly colored dresses to participate in their regional dances ardently. What you can’t miss in Gujarat during Dussehra.

  • Garba and Dandiya folk dances.
  • The social gathering in the evenings, all dressed up for the occasion.

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Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka-Bommala Koluvu

Bommala Koluvu

Golu or Bommala Koluvu or Bombe Habba is a tradition practiced in the Southern states of India. It is a unique custom followed during Dussehra where you can see the idols of Gods and dolls arranged in a wooden array in steps. There are traditional wooden toy makers in these parts of the country, who keep the supply of toys, particularly for this custom. The toys/dolls are arranged theme-wise on each rack of the array. The favorite themes for organizing these idols are marriage, a village setup, God’s idols, a British colony, etc. On the sidelines, children make a park or a zoo with mud where the sprouts from the sowed mustard seeds make an excellent garden atmosphere.

  • Organizing Bommala Koluvu.
  • Married women invited in the evenings offer traditional music and prayers to the idols.
  • Women in South are well-known for dressing up in Kanjeevaram sarees and heavy jewelry.

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Telangana – Bathukamma

Bathukamma, Telangana

The newest state of the country is not behind in traditions. People in Telangana celebrate the festival of flowers called Bathukamma, where women come together for most gorgeous flower arrangements. These flower arrangements are an effort to please the Goddesses. The women dressed in ethnic wear dance together singing and praising the Goddesses forming a circle around the beautiful flower arrangements. Things you can look forward to, during Dussehra celebrations in Telangana:

  • Flower arrangements are visible in every part of the state.
  • Women dressed religiously in traditional attire
  • Folk music and dance.



Ramlila, Delhi

People from the North celebrate the festival of Dussehra by decorating the temples and homes religiously. People burn the effigies of Ravana, Meghanad, and Kumbhakaran to impress upon the younger generations that the good conquers the evil at the end.  The following customs take place in Delhi as a part of the celebration process.

  • The theatrical depiction of Ramayana, story-telling in the form of songs by adorning throwback costumes to do justice.
  • Effigies of Ravana are burnt followed by a glorious display of fireworks.

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Diversity is the trait that makes India unique. Experience the difference and keep the culture alive.

Nation Set To Dive in the Frenzy of Festivities

An occasion to spend quality time with friends and relatives, shopping, travel, fun, and folklore …

Happy family celebrating festivals

The onset of the festival season brings not just joy; it also builds a positive attitude, hope, and liveliness among people. The month of September marks the beginning of a string of festivals which continue until the end of the year. Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and the list is just inexhaustible when it comes to the several festivals we celebrate in a secular nation like India. Among all the wide variety of festivals, we celebrate in India, the festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, and Christmas have a special place as they are also associated with vacations. And one of the festivals soon approaching is Dussehra. It is one of the festivals the Hindus across the world celebrate and within just twenty days time, Diwali brings the festivities back in full force.

Enjoy the Diversity

A wide variety

As Indians, we should take pride in the diverse cultures we adopt. We celebrate Eid, Christmas, and Diwali with the same fervor and enthusiasm. Being a part of this great nation enables us to celebrate festivals across religions. Speaking of which, we feel that it is time to touch upon the mythological aspects as well, to understand why we celebrate Dussehra.

Also referred to as Navratri, as many of us know Dussehra is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Rama (Goodness) upon Ravana, the evil. Dussehra is all about rejoicing the triumph of the rightfulness in the battle between the good and the evil. Dussehra is celebrated for various reasons in the nation, one of them also being, the goddess Durga’s victory over the buffalo demon. It is ideally a ten days long festivity and hence a vacation time in many parts of the country. However, there are some places of the country where the Diwali break is observed.

Time for a well-deserved break

Family on a vacation

The twin celebrations are about to begin, and the children and the adults are looking forward towards the merriment to begin. After the busy three months of June, July and August, the midterm examinations and assessments, this is the first break during an academic year, which the grown-ups and the kids might want to utilize. What’s more, the month of September which is the time for the autumn break is an apt time for travelers to explore the different parts of the world. Book your tickets through Makemytrip coupons and avail the sale on domestic flight tickets which are starting from as low as Rs. 899. We say, enjoy the beauty of nature, wildlife and then chase your passions. Start packing!

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Appease your shoe fetish

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Your Childcare Shopping – All for a Happy Baby

With the right baby care products, you can create a happy baby.

A happy baby

How happy you are when you hear the first cry! A child born into this world, it is such a sweet feeling to hold a newborn baby. However, after the first cry there comes the challenge of providing care to your new born. You need many products for the total care of the child. Now, this gets us to wonder if there is a place where they can find all new born baby products at a single place.

Plan for One Year

A year planner

Enjoy their cries, but simultaneously prepare for the baby’s requirements for the next one year. As hygiene is of paramount importance, your child requires sufficient clothes that are tender to go in harmony with the body. It is at this point one should look at the quality of the wear. Think about the baby health; you should provide cover for the baby from infection or microorganisms. That is why exactly you need short sleeves, caps, leggings, shirts, and various other accessories. While buying these products, you need to ensure you get the best brand that doesn’t miss out on style.

Night Suit Set for Baby Girls

A baby girl night-wear

Go for a night-suit set made from soft fabric. If your child is a girl, soft fabrics will ensure maximum comfort to your little one. These include short sleeves, round neck, shoulder button top, and supple-waist leggings that can give a cute look to your baby. You can check out outfits from Babysource brand through Firstcry.com which are available for ₹399. These sets are machine washable, therefore easy for you to clean and reuse without the help of others. If you are planning on a baby’s day out, make her wear a printed skirt available at ₹399.

T-Shirts for a Boy

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Unisex Baby Caps

cute caps

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Printed Baby Briefs

unisex briefs

More often than not,  infants try to crawl without a dress. Have a collection of printed briefs for one year. You can buy a set of three briefs at ₹265. Ensure the baby looks good with the briefs in stunning colours from famed brands that maintain good quality.

Baby Footwear

infant footwear

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Useful Gifts for Babies

Gifting ideas

For gifting, Firstcry has exciting products for kids. If you want to give a perfect gift to make a happy baby, consider clothing options like Grandma’s Clothing Gift Set Box Pack of 5 – Orange or Babyhug Knitted Starter Set Red & White – Pack of 10. Want to give a genuine baby-care product? Choose Himalaya Herbal Babycare Gift Pack – Set Of 7 that contains shampoo, cream, soap, powder, lotion, massage oil, etc. We say, why not gift useful products for the baby!

First Cry Baby Accessories

Baby needs

Baby shopping will be incomplete without buying baby accessories. During travel, you need baby accessories like a baby bath tub (above ₹1000), the baby headband (above ₹200), baby bath tub net (₹340), baby bather (₹356), baby carrier (₹1759), etc. Have enough baby diapers also. These will add comfort not just to the babies, but will help you relax as well.

Make Happy Babies

Happy baby

A combination of products makes a happy baby. It is all about creating a joyful experience for the kids by carefully looking into their minute requirements and offering the best baby products. At Firstcry, you can see brands like Barbie, Pigeon, Mattel, Ben10, Disney, Funskool, Hotwheels, Nuby, Pampers, Gerber, Farlin, Medela, Fisher Price, etc. Now it’s your turn to explore the products. Have fun and enjoy!

Want Discounted Kitchen Appliances? Consider Shopcj.com

Upgrading the existing kitchen ware or buying new kitchen appliances is a priority for families. For that they look for stores that can give them the best offers.

kitchenware shopping

As online experience gives a better experience regarding quality, responsibility, and price, denizens search for the best offers in branded kitchen appliances is nothing new. Brands are introducing new kitchen appliances with discounts. And the mobile citizens constantly look for offers that give them superior branding and price experience. There is a search for the best kitchen appliances online or which store sells quality kitchen appliances? It is at this point, we need to look for the stores offering discount appliances.

Checking the Legit of Shopcj.com

shop cj

Shopcj.com is a breakaway business wing of famed Korean electronics major Samsung. This store has been in existence since 1990s trading gadgets, home décor, electronics, kitchenware, apparels, and accessories. When shoppers see Shopcj.com is a Korean multinational company, their aspirations go high, and they expect better quality, price, and service experience. There are the areas we need to check whether this store lives up to the expectation of the kitchen appliances shoppers.

While thinking about kitchen appliances, what comes to the mind of people are microwave ovens, stove, hand blenders, vegetable slicers, induction cooktops, fruit juicers, etc. Customers know one thing, Korean companies offer quality products, and Indians have a good impression with them after having their experiences with Samsung, Hyundai, etc. And they expect more from a store like Shopcj.com.

Beating the Offers of Amazon and Flipkart?

Let us check their appliances which brand they sell and at what price. Shopcj is not selling its appliances. They are sourcing premium brands and selling it online. Buyers may think, why it is necessary to buy from Shopcj.com when other e-commerce sites are offering similar products. For example, a product like Prestige PIC 20.0 Induction Cooktop has a list price of ₹4695 at their site. And Shopcj is offering the product for ₹2195. Now savvy shoppers may raise a question; we can buy this product at ₹2299 in Flipkart and ₹1950 in Amazon. Now, Shopcj.com has to give an explanation for the price difference. This makes sense, isn’t it?


prestige cookware

The price ₹2195 includes value addition of Century Gold Induction Base Cookware Set. This helps your day to day preparing tea, cooking vegetables, and fry other delicacies using the cookware. If this is the case, the price is justifiable at Shopcj. This cook-top combines qualities like performance, efficiency and good looks. You also get a cookware set free. Therefore, it makes sense to buy the Induction Cooktop from this store.

Cookware with Value Additions and Cash Savings!

samsung 4 burner

Let us check one more product, cookware. The sunflame stove is a favorite brand in the cookware stream. Shopcj.com is selling Sunflame Crystal Granito 4 Burner at ₹6490 against the listing price of ₹14,515. Amazon is selling the same product for ₹6999. Flipkart is selling the same product at ₹7184. So, why it is necessary to buy from Shopcj.com. First of all, savvy buyers can shop this at a better price. Secondly, Shopcj.com is offering Pococina 13 Pcs Induction Cookware Set (MAH) along with the stove. Now, do you feel it worth to buy from Shopcj.com?

Are You a Prudent Shopper?


A prudent shopper will consider quality and price on an equal footing. We all need brands, and customers should always buy kitchen appliance with discounts. Today, the emphasis is on energy efficiency appliances. Shopcj.com has a value to source and sell energy efficient products to the public. Their grinders, slicers, hand blenders, ovens, are from top brands.

kitchen app store

Yes, branded kitchen appliances are for sale. More than two lacs likes in Shop CJ’s FB account owes to the the quality and price they offer in their products. Read a few Shopcj.com reviews and learn more about their customer service. Shop branded products with Shop CJ Coupon and Shop CJ Promo codes. This will help you realize the price benefit. All the best for your discount appliances shopping.

Hold on Dear, Your Combo Flower Bouquet is on the Way

You can create a joyous moment by sending an unexpected gift. Flower gift tips for all age groups during this monsoon.

Flower gifting

Happiness results from what we give or receive. We all have schedules on what should we do during the weekends, events, or important days of our near and dear. You want to shop during the monsoon and make strategic bonds with the help of gifts. For two reasons people do gifting – out of sheer love and other out of respect. In both cases, gifts like birthday gifts, printed mugs, anniversary gifts, occasion gifts or, mothers’ day flowers make sense. Today, people will appreciate gifts only when it rocks them. This calls for personalised gift ideas for value additions.

Are you excited to gift this season? Monsoon in full swing doesn’t deter us from gifting. The dry season is gone and in the wet season is where you can find awesome flowers. Therefore flowers for mom, flowers for your beloved make sense especially during occasions like anniversaries and events. Shall we explore more?

Gifting ideas

Ideal Gifting Idea

Big mistake, if you think all flowers bouquet makes sense. Then what should be the perfect gifting idea? Some may wonder! Yes, here is the way- combo gifting. Let us explore.

Flowers with Chocolate

flowers with chocoates

Well, now here is the tip for the man. You are a cash rich executive wanting to woo the lady you admire. Remember, a good looking lass has many takers, and you should outsmart others with your personalised gifts. ‘Flowers with Chocolate’ is an excellent idea to enter her heart straightaway. Women love flowers; they like chocolates too. Tell your lover about the extraordinary gift on its way. Let her express her surprise to you once she receives it. Bookmyflowers also has discount offers, if you buy with Bookmyflowers coupons.

Flowers With Cake

flowers with cakes

Birthday gifts starting at ₹399. You know the importance of cakes and your search should be for premium cakes. Now, if you combine flowers and cakes what will happen? The answer will be a big surprise. This store is offering high-end cakes delivered on the same day. If you are a veggie, you can avail excellent products like Black Forest Cake Eggless, Pineapple Photo Cake Eggless, or Chocolate Cake Eggless, etc. Try also their featured products like Black Forest Gateau, Chocolate Cherry Charm Cake, Chocolate Fruit Gateau, etc., to make the best impression.

Ensure that you order flower with one on these cakes only to make a pleasant surprise. You can be assured of getting maximum appreciations. You order online, tell them your gift is on the way. Let them take it by surprise.

Flowers with Sweets

Flowers with sweets

What about flowers with sweets? You are going to celebrate the marriage anniversary. You want to give her the fresh flower and grab her appreciation. Why not combine the flower bouquet with luxury sweet indulgence. Flowers will refresh her, and high-end sweets will elevate her moods. Want to try? You can find stunning flower-sweet combos like Appetizing Combo, Appetizing Festivity, Carnation Beauty, and Gesture of Emotions. Most of these treats are available within ₹2500. Buy with Bookmyflowers promo codes if you want to save on cost front. Assure the best satisfaction.

Woo with Personalised Gifts

unique gifts

Gifting ideas don’t stop here. You have a boyfriend, and you want to surprise him with a gift during his birthday with Personalised Photo Cushion or Personalised Wooden Charm (a frame with image). If you are looking for simple ideas, then choose printed mugs or personalised cushion to give a lasting impression. Showcase your creative side while gifting.

Have Inventiveness in Gifting

mothers day

Friends, it makes sense to stay in the reckoning with gifting during occasions. In areas like gift ideas for women, Bookmyflowers store has a broad range of collections to consider options like flowers for moms or Mothers’ Day Flowers. Finally, you should have the inventiveness in gifting as the manner of giving is worth more than the gift.


Urban chics look for constant style updates. Only a store that can offer beautiful women clothing can satiate them.

Uber chic

Women, of course, are the most beautiful creation of God. What makes them even more unique? If someone has that question the answer is simple – their apparel. With an intention to magnify the attractiveness beauty conscious women seriously gather information on what is trending in women fashion, unique women designs in India, skirts and matching blouses, affordable women fashion, etc. Yes, fashion updates are important and a priority for the fairer sex. For example, if a new fashion can amplify their beauty, women are very much interested in exploring the trend.

Relevance of Women Centric Apparel Stores

women apparel

Life is sweet if one gets appreciation on glamour front. Therefore, women want to be in vogue. They need fashion updates and release of new creative designer wear. Affordable women fashion is a hot topic of discussion among them. Understanding these feelings women centric stores is leaving no stone unturned to satisfy the trend appetite of women. Stalkbuylove.com is one such store on a creative pursuit offering updated fashion to them. This store has been in existence since 2012, and they have 1,015,125 followers on Facebook.

Having learned thus far, aspiring fashion buyers may be keen to know the brand distinctiveness of this store. Let us check a few.

Floral Cecille Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit

Floral cecil

The cold shoulder is an excellent style many young women like. What attractive cold shoulder wear this store has? Floral Cecille Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit is distinctively different thanks to its floral designs. Are you petite or plus sized? Don’t worry; this store has jumpsuits for both categories. The floral design will amplify your beauty. If you love jumpsuits, buy this for ₹1,599 showcase your style.

Gorgeous with Polka Helga Top

Pokla Hegla top

Do you want a sober look and impress a large group? Then you require a casual top like Polka Helga Top. This excellent top is priced at ₹1,199. This is ideal for women who want to appear serious, yet pretty.

Adorn with Polka Olivia Ruffle Dress

Pokla olivia

You are interested in going for partying with a casual dress that reveals your beauty. Frill shift dress is appropriate for such occasions. It is nothing but charmed elegance. This product is available at ₹1,499. Buy this elegant wear and impress your social circles.

Appear in Navy Blue Olivia Cut Out Tee


Sport dark outerwear to show your fairness value. Some women are naturally fair, and they deserve to show off their fair features more revealingly. It is at this stage Navy Blue cut out tee comes in handy for them. Win maximum adulation with this beautiful outerwear. Dusky lass also will appear even prettier with this dark coloured outerwear. Be it wheatish or mixed complexion you can surely catch the eyeballs with this wear. Shop this for ₹949. This is going to be an invaluable asset to display your natural beauty.

Sports Blue Isla Dress

Blue Isla Dress

Want to appear like a celebrity? Then this store has an awesome wear for you, Blue Isla Dress. You can spot many celebrities in this type of wear. This product is available for ₹1,399. Reveal the celebrity in you with this awesome wear.


Stalkbuylove store’s strength is in their creativity. They breathe inventiveness in their apparel making. Women who are looking for fashion updates or the best online shopping sites to shop trendy clothing, can see many live inventions ready for grabs. That is why precisely this store is growing in its branding. And for women trend seekers, this store act as a point of contact giving fabulous ideas.  Ensure you get a fair deal from this store. This is possible when you buy tops/bottoms with a Stalkbuylove coupon to avail maximum discounts. Cheers.

Personalised Beauty Care Solutions to Impress People

A combination of shopping by brands and buying personal care solutions on recommendations can give the best results for skin and body care.

Personal care

In the era of AI and algorithms induced disruptions, retail businesses have found an opportunity to meet the customer taste with the help of technologies. In this process, they are highly successful in the search for the unique tastes of the customers and offer micro specialised solutions for your minute preferences. Earlier the scenario was, you get something close to your preferences, but today you can get what you have desired in the area of beauty and care. Yes, with the help of technology you can get personalised beauty care products to impress people.

Do You Want a Beauty Profile?

beauty profile

Do you know, not all stores are after technology enabled beauty products. Only stores that have the vision to solve unique personal care solutions to customers can come up with niche solutions meeting their long term demands. Alpava store is one such proactive store doing extensive research to help their clientele achieve their beauty profile. This Bengaluru based store began their operations in 2015 and owing to their robust R&D and incorporation of technology to offer superior beauty and skin care solutions; this store is constantly increasing its likes in the Facebook page with more than 17k likes in a short span of time.

You know very well, the narcissists are constantly on the lookout for the best beauty products in India or the best facial products in India. As many stores are offering services in this segment, the search is again for personalised beauty routing or creating personal care profile with the best beauty products. Some even go to the extent of personal care products certified by a professional dermatologist. Ultimately, the goal of everyone is to pamper their skin, enhance their appeal. At this crucial stage, it is important to know their featured products.

Aplave, a Trusted Store?


Various reasons nudge the customers to visit a particular store. One such compelling factor is the availability of brands. Aplava store has what the customers want. You name any personal care brand from A-Z names; Aplave stores have it for you. It is this availability factor of brands that make this store a favorite or trusted one.

Focused Approach to Skins and Solutions


A professional approach to various skin types is an expectation from customers who want to buy best-suited products for their skin. Skin types such as normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive have distinct concerns, and Aplava store has done a wonderful work in understanding the skin type and offering them appropriate solutions.

Aplava Team Has a Beauty Regimen for You

As you know this store has enough brands in its sleeves, how they differentiate from other online stores is through their service. Aplava has a team of experts help you choose the right products for you. They help you create a skin regimen, hair care method, or beauty regimen for you to follow easily. Here the advantage is you can:

  • shop by brand
  • shop by recommendation


For that, you can choose products for Skincare, Makeup, Bath & Body care, Haircare, Sun care, etc. Understanding the pain points of your care, their experts will offer you relevant products with algorithm based findings on your skin care requirements.  You will be at an advantage of getting personalised recommendations delivered to your door.

Use Personal Care Products and Create Impression

Impression management

No doubt, personalised beauty care products can impress people. Men and women, you require products like face moisturizer, thickening conditioner, deodorant, antiperspirant spray, hair fall prevention shampoo, cleansing solution, body lotion, balm, serum, facial foam, damaged hair conditioner, trimmer, shaver, etc.  Aplava products are for sale. Create your personalised beauty routine with beauty products. To get maximum discounts, don’t forget to buy with Aplava coupons and Aplava promo codes. Raise a huge following with personal care products.